What's the first thing a lot of ex-El Pasoans do when they come back home? They hit Chico's Tacos for a double order with extra cheese. But what happens when you can't get back home and you're jonsing for some Chico's, or some other El Paso-centric foods? You call Leila Melendez.

Leila and her husband, Javier, used to take suitcases full of Chico's Tacos, chorizo, and tortillas to friends and family who live away from the Sun City and can't find any decent Mexican food to satisfy their El Paso tastebuds. I've done the same thing for cousins who live in Dallas and Houston who can't get Peyton's chorizo. One cousin actually spent $100 getting me to send her 2 pounds of chorizo overnight so she could have egg and chorizo burritos!

Food Flight is the company that Leila came up with after she realized that there are a lot of people who want El Paso foods, but don't really know how to get them. Food Flight has a food handlers permit, they ship foods frozen, and the packing material they send your El Paso food treasures in are durable enough to be reused.

I think Food Flight would be the perfect way to send someone who lives out of town, a gift with an El Paso spin, and all you have to do is place the order!

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