El Paso storms can sometimes get very intense! Whether it's heavy rain, thunder, or even hail, weather in the borderland can at times be unpredictable.

However, one thing is for sure. After every storm locals always know how to capture the most beautiful photos of our El Paso skyline which shows that even after a crazy storm, El Paso is still a beauty.

Local photographer, Miguel Vigil, always seems to capture the perfect shot of El Paso’s skyline after the storms pass through.

After Tuesday’s storm he was able to grab a shot outside of El Paso’s iconic Chico’s Taco and the images will not only have you craving Chico’s Tacos, but it will also make you realize just how beautiful our city is.

It isn’t just local professional photographers that capture the beauty of El Paso after a storm. Locals make sure to stop what they’re doing to get a quick shot of the El Paso skyline and sometimes their quick phone photo can be a beautiful weather shot or a hilarious video that many people can relate to.

Here’s a look at photos and videos shared by locals after Tuesday’s storm that brought winds, heavy rain, lightning, and even some hail to parts of town:

El Paso Storm Photos:

El Paso Storm Photos


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