El Pasoans are proud to support their own whether it be Aaron Jones baby announcement or buying up El Paso Strong shirts.

Les Do Makeup's head Babygirl Leslie wanted to show support for her fans by teaming up with Debbie's Bloomers to giveaway flowers for her birthday. Yeah, she gave away gorgeous flowers to her fans for HER birthday!

Now, I adore flowers. I can't get enough of the typers, the smells the colors and I know El Paso has some amazing florists her. I would have totally wanted a whole wall of flowers like a Kardashian but Leslie practically gave away about the same amount.

According to Debbie's Bloomers, hundreds of El Pasoans showed up to receive the flowers and to really just to take a photo with Leslie. She seems like such down to earth girl, which makes me totally jealous of her YouTube fame. We here at 93.1 KISSFM wish nothing but the best for Leslie and her family going forward in her career! Get it, Babygirl!

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