El Pasoan and social media influencer Les Do Makeup got roasted by fans when she referred to romaine lettuce as "Roman" lettuce and questions if it’s found in “Paris”.

Les Do Makeup lifestyle posts include makeup tutorials, motherhood, and on occasion the 26-year old shares recipes and cooking demos.

One such video on her YouTube channel from 2018 has Les Do Makeup making lettuce tacos. In the video she is seen using iceberg lettuce as a substitute for the tortilla when she reads a comment that says romaine lettuce is usually used for lettuce tacos and she responds by saying:

Jump to the 12:01 mark in the video for the “Roman” lettuce exchange lol


While there is no "Roman" lettuce exclusively coming out of Paris, her faux pas just makes her even more endearing to her fans.

She undoubtedly misread the comment, for all we know the commentator spelled it wrong and she spaced it for a sec, confusing "Roman" lettuce for romaine lettuce instead.

Hey, we're pretty sure she isn't too worried about the funny incident and is probably laughing right alongside us all the way to the bank.

Leslie Quezada better known by her media handle, Les Do Makeup is a popular lifestyle social media influencer from El Paso. Just last year the make-up guru and lifestyle vlogger released her first make-up palette which sold out in just six days. With over 1m followers already on Facebook Quezada’s star keeps rising as she just crossed a new social media milestone with 1million followers on Twitter a few days ago. Congrats Babygirl!

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