Have you ever dug through boxes you found that were labeled high school stuff when cleaning house? Well, if you have then you know the feeling when you find things that once were cool. Well, I certainly have and also had a lot of fun going through those boxes.

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You must admit when you go through your old high school things it can give you a blast from the past. Hell, in those boxes I came across were old pictures I had taken in high school as well as other unique pictures you should also remember. Remember when your friends and their best friends would take those unique pictures with the decorated backgrounds?

In high school, my friend had introduced me to her friend Mel, and we all became close friends. Well, after becoming friends she had given me one of her pictures that will give you quite the flashback. The popular glamour shots you remembering your friends handing out to you with a special written message on the back are coming back.

A photographer Amber Mannon brought back the familiar background shots we would go to the mall to have taken. In fact, she took my friend's pictures along with other ladies a couple of months ago. My friend Jeannette Ortega was one of the lucky ladies to participate in Mannon Pictures project.

Before the digital world got popular and social media, our way of sharing pictures has changed drastically. Then we would have our pictures taken and then hand the copies out to friends to have. This was the old-fashioned way of sharing a somewhat selfie of yourself with friends or your crush at the time. But those pictures are totally iconic and bring back so many memories from our high school days.

If you would like to reunite with past best friends and re-enact the pictures you can. There are some photographers that can bring back those 90s vibes through pictures. You can re-live those glamour shots again by booking your slot today. Below are some examples of local photographers that can help you re-enact those iconic '90s photos.

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