Back in 2018, El Paso photographer Stephany Munoz was scheduled to take some photos in Downtown El Paso. Once she was done, she did some people watching and capture some photos of people just living life.

One couple really caught her attention as they radiated true love, just walking by her.

She approached the couple to ask permission to snap a photo of them since she was so touched by their love. She even gave the woman her number in hopes she would call, not only to get the free print of the photo but so she could learn more about their relationship.

Munoz still hasn't received a call.

Back on Sunday, February 21st, 2021, Munoz reshared her original Facebook post, asking for help identifying the couple.

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She is hoping someone can help her find this couple to still give them the free print, but to also see how their love story is going. Munoz mentioned the woman in the photo thought it was weird that Munoz wanted to take a photo, but it is all out of appreciation.

Trust me, I have to go up to people and ask to take photos of them all the time for our websites. It is so weird but sometimes, someone just catches your eye and you need to capture that moment.

Those moments mean so much once when you really think about it. I've thought about it so much during this pandemic. I need to take more photos of my family. Of my coworkers. Even my cats.

One day we may not have these things in our lives anymore and those photos will take on a new meaning.

If you know this couple, please contact Stephany through her business Facebook messenger, My Bella Photography.

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