When you go to a social outing with friends it's difficult to pick where to go. But it's always best to pick the places that have a stylish background. There are more than a few places in El Paso that I have always enjoyed a social outing at. Those places I enjoyed catching up or celebrating a special occasion have one something in common. That something happens to a part of your Kodak moment when you take a selfie. If your selfie is just you or includes your friends it definitely pops with an artsy background. I admit, I preferred the selfie with the artsy background as my main profile picture. The places I found selfie worthy shots at are Gringo Theory, DeadBeach Brewery, Rubiks, Black Bird, Ditzy Duck, Coconuts, and B-17 Bombers. I shared some of my personal selfies at my favorite local hot spots with a selfie worthy background above. But vote where you like to take your selfie photo shoot with or without friends below! 

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