Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy and Machine Gun Kelly photo concert recap from their El Paso show at the Don Haskins Center.

Yesterday on Tuesday, September 25th Fall Out Boy along with Machine Gun Kelly performed at the Don Haskins Center to a pumped up crowd of screaming fans. Machine Gun Kelly’s stage presence impressed with his sometimes rock, punk, rap, ballad and r&b sounds. He’s kind of a mixed bag but talented nonetheless.

This was actually my first Fall Out Boy concert so I was blown away first of all by Patrick Stump’s vocal range, from way high to low baritones along with Pete Wentz and his fire emanating guitar held the crowd in awe the whole night. Their set included Sugar, We're Goin Down, This Ain't a Scene - It's an Arms Race, Centuries and Uma Thrurman to name a few and the stage although simplistic at first glance was more than met the eye. Aside from pyrotechnics the stage featured a panoramic screen from one end of the stage to the other as well as a floating cube that carried Stump and Wentz for a few songs while the cube itself flickered with various images all around.

The show culminated when Pete Wentz who usually dons a jean jacket stripped it away to reveal a #4 UTEP jersey and a burst of confetti followed as he attempted to get as close as possible to fans down on the floor. By the end of the concert, fans had sung along to practically every single song and had gotten their full dose of Fall Out Boy for the night. The band’s latest album Mania is out already and will continue to tour through mid-October 2018.

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