Here’s what downtown El Paso looks like amidst the coronavirus Stay Home order right now.

On my way home from work the other day I cruised downtown El Paso and saw a complete contrast of what our downtown area usually looks like during a common day. The once-thriving and busy stores were closed – Downtown felt like a ghost town, sad, desolate, and eerily quiet and devoid of people as all businesses were shut down.

El Paso businesses across the board, not just in downtown El Paso have been severely impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Since the Stay Home order was set in place a few weeks back – our once-bustling downtown El Paso has come to a grinding halt.  Downtown El Paso plays a vital role in the economic structure of our city, not only do El Paso residents shop and do business downtown but so do our friends across the border.

With the federal government placing restrictions on nonessential travel across the US-Mexico border a few weeks back, the flow of customers from Juárez has completed stopped too.

While there is no clear answer as to when everyone will be able to get back to a normal – we look forward to the day when downtown returns to its vibrant and lively spirit of commerce once again and we hope its sooner than later.



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