Located in central El Paso on the corner of Magnolia and Montana sits the El Paso Playhouse, entertaining audiences for decades and reportedly one of the most haunted places in town.


Welcome to another edition of Haunted El Paso, where we explore the El Paso Playhouse.

Experience a real-life haunted theater where several levels of hauntings occur, ranging from weird unaccountable noises to actual knocking to the various and mysterious entities that roam the El Paso Playhouse.


Then there are the stories of intelligent ghosts who can breach the thin veil between the living and the dead and move things or misplace them altogether.

Such is the case at the El Paso Playhouse, where multiple reports claim the sightings of ghosts, odd happenings, and nervous energy over the years.

Sometimes there is a strange cold spot in a room, a dark shadow man, a floating orb in a photograph, an inanimate object that moves without anyone touching it (like props), or the echo of disembodied voices and the roar of an invisible audience. Sometimes you may see a wispy manifestation, a dark presence, and ghost children, and on many occasions, you feel that someone is in the room with you.

The Women's Dressing Room


Reports claim that the women's dressing room is one of the hot spots at the theatre. Actors say that props sometimes go missing for months and that lights turn on and off, and the door closes and opens on its own.

There was also an instance where a stage manager was working late one-night building sets by herself when she found the theatre's adopted cat locked in the dressing room with the door shut from the inside. An hour later, the cat again was found locked inside the dressing room. The manager left immediately after that.

Thomas A Ghost


Another resident ghost is Thomas, who is said to bounce around the stage and the woodshop at the theatre. Actors say that paranormal activity heightens during specific religious performances, or when related props are on display. Certain plays such as one that involved an exorcism and the performance of The Diary of Anne Frank are said to evoke activity. Noises emerge of banging cabinets and knocks as if Thomas the ghost either opposes or approves of the performances.

Interestingly enough, the El Paso Playhouse used to be a church before it converted to a theatre, so that may be why the entity is so reactive to these religious performances.

Dark Energy


When the energy in the theatre is so heavy, the actors have been known to leave because they can't concentrate and feel a dark looming presence around.

Reports also claim that the same dark shadow roams the halls and the upstairs when no one is there. And locals have spotted the same entity standing inside the lobby when the theatre is closed.

Female Ghost & The Little Girls


It seems that the ghosts of a female and two little girls also roam the theatre.

Stories say that the female entity usually hangs out near the lighting and sound booth upstairs along with the sounds of footsteps can be heard when no one is up there, and the spotlight will also randomly turn on and off.

During another instance, a few actors were working late, around 1 am when they kept hearing little kids playing and thought it was odd for such a late hour. As the night went on, so did the playtime for these kids. And that's when the group discovered that the sounds of kids playing were coming from inside the theatre.

Legend has it that two little girls were said to have been killed at the train tracks about a block away from the theatre, and ever since, the spirits of these two little girls have been spotted at the playhouse, running and playing around in the woman's dressing room and slamming doors.

A Thespian Ghost

Danny G.

Another resident ghost is that of a former thespian, which shows itself off and on. About five years ago, a handful of actors were on stage rehearsing, and one was dancing while another was stepping off stage (both wearing red).

At that exact moment, another actor took a picture of the actor dancing on stage and captured the image of a ghost standing offside the stage. You can see the image standing next to the ladder dressed in some costume.

Interestingly enough, I stood outside waiting for the cast to arrive for my interview and took consecutive pictures of the theater's front entrance. After closer inspection of my photos, I could make out a face in the first three photos, but it seems to disappear in the last image.


Could this have been the visage of one of the resident ghosts at the El Paso Playhouse?

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If you're curious about the Playhouse then you might want to check out the upcoming performance of Turn of The Screw about two orphaned children left in the care of servants while their young governess becomes convinced that evil spirits are haunting the children. Surely, with the upcoming play's haunted theme, who knows the ghost of Thomas or any of the other resident ghosts might make an appearance. The production opens October 15 through October 30, 2021. For complete details and tickets, visit theelpasoplayhouse.com.

With so much different energy that has emanated over the years by past and present actors, it's no surprise that whatever haunts the halls and theatre continues to feed off the artistic residue of its performers, making the El Paso Playhouse one of the most Haunted El Paso locations on the borderland.

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