has ranked El Paso 15th on their list for top cities for single women seeking out single men.

They researched everything from the percentage of single men and woman compared to the amount of single men to single woman as well as data of population across the major cities in America.

Then they came up with the list below. This is what had to say about El Paso, ranking in at #15:

El Paso, Texas — 91,939 single men - A low cost of living and high job market aren’t all that will draw you to El Paso - the unique culture, the gorgeous mountain view and the sheer number of single men available make the Sun City the perfect place to call home.  If you can’t find love here, you can always walk across the bridge and try your luck in Juárez.

Not sure if this info is accurate considering I’ve lived in El Paso and Portland and I’m still single. I might just try my luck in Ohio…

See the complete list below:

15. El Paso, Texas — 91,939 single men

14. Louisville, Kentucky — 97,117 single men

13. Nashville, Tennessee — 99,391 single men

12. Portland, Oregon — 100,460 single men

11. Milwaukee, Wisconsin — 101,368 single men

10. Baltimore, Maryland — 101,968 single men

9. Washington, D.C. — 110,455 single men

8. Denver, Colorado — 112,038 single men

7. Fort Worth, Texas — 112,487 single men

6. Las Vegas, Nevada — 112,538 single men

5. Memphis, Tennessee — 113,292 single men

4. Charlotte, North Carolina — 117,949 single men

3. Seattle, Washington — 118,412 single men

2. Boston, Massachusetts — 121,292 single men

1. Columbus, Ohio — 137,281 single men