There in the last window on the right, do you see it? Oy, cucuy!

A smartphone recording shared on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso has many wondering what the "mysterious figure...seen looking down on the street from CCTA, formerly known as Houston Elementary" is.

The 24 second clip quickly zooms in on a black human-like mass illuminated from behind looking out of a top floor window as the added dramatic music intensifies.

Maybe it’s a shadow person or some other kind of supernatural apparition, like the ghost of a former student or custodian. Or perhaps an extra-dimensional inhabitant of another universe.

FitFam Shadow
FitFam El Paso Instagram
FitFam El Paso Instagram

Or it could just be a human skeleton model, as a few have pointed out in the comments. That’s the room where College Career Technology Academy (CCTA) holds its science classes, they say.

FitFam Shadow much closer

I don’t know anything about the layout of that school, but it really does look like one of those skeleton models, which I'll admit, with the light illuminating it from behind, does make it look like something more sinister at first glance.

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I mean, I want to believe because I love me the ghost stuff, but, nah, the “mysterious figure” is probably most likely a skeleton model. Which is not to say this place isn’t haunted. It’s real old and has a lot of history so it could be.

FitFam Houston Elem front

The video caption referred to the former Houston Elementary as "one of the most (allegedly) haunted locations in El Paso,” but until this clip hit the 'net, it wasn't even on my haunted building radar.

Ysleta High School, Cedar Grove Elementary, and, of course, El Paso High are among the many purported to be haunted, and I thought I had heard about all of them until this recent video. But after an internet search and a few conversations with listeners it turns out there are a few supernatural tales of bizarre goings-on in that building.

The Ghosts of Houston Elementary (Now CCTA)

Lucy called in and told us that when she was a volunteer at Houston Elementary back in the day staff would always talk about what she referred to as "the man dressed in black." According to Lucy, he would appear and then quickly disappear, and recounted how the ghostly apparition once brought the office secretary to tears.

Mike and Tricia Mornings: Houston Elementary Man in Black & Touched by a Ghost

Another one of our listeners, who goes by LibertyBelle, currently works at the Raymond Telles Academy, which is adjacent to CCTA and part of the huge complex that housed the former Houston Elementary. “My office is right next to the principal’s office," she told us in an app chat.

"And although I’ve never seen the supposed man in all black, I have experienced a few things. When the principal is not in his office, I hear a lot of movement in there. There have been times the faucets in the restrooms are on for example when we get back from the weekends."

LibertyBelle adds that when she has to go to the supply room, which is in the basement, she "sometimes get a pretty uneasy feeling so I just grab the supplies I’m down there for in a hurry and get the heck out of there."

Mike and Tricia Mornings: Listener App Chats First-Hand Ghostly Experiences

A passage in the 2003 book “Spirits of the Border:The History and Mystery of El Paso Del Norte,” which recounts the alleged hauntings of numerous locations around El Paso, supports the stories our listeners shared with us.

Authors Ken Hudnell and Connie Wang relate how throughout the years of its existence, teachers and students have reported “strange noises and doors opening and shutting” and that campus police responding to intruder alarms “have heard sounds of people walking in empty hallways, lockers being shut, [and] voices carrying on conversations in empty classrooms.”

Like we always say when it comes to the paranormal and the supernatural: we report, you decide.

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