Bring up El Paso High School and most long-time El Pasoans think 'haunted'. If you've lived here long enough you've undoubtedly heard a spooky tale or two about alleged ghost sightings and paranormal activity at what was once named The Scariest Haunted High School In America.

From the cheerleader who is said to have jumped from a balcony and whose spirit now wanders the hallways to the mysterious ghost girl in the famous photo, the hauntings of the Lady on the Hill are the stuff of myths and legends. Now, a new chapter of haunting may have been witnessed and caught on camera.

A spooky video of, well, I’m not really sure what, is the latest possible paranormal activity from inside the hallowed halls of El Paso High.

The smartphone recording, credited to “prettyboisaac” and shared on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso, opens with a shot of the school from somewhere in the area of Tom Lea Upper Park that sets the tone for the brief-but-spine tingling clip.

The video zooms in on what appears to be a shadowy figure illuminated from behind looking out of a top floor window. “What is that?” someone filming asks. “I don’t know,” the other one replies. As the added dramatic music trails off, you hear one of the guys say “it looks like a (expletive) man.”

Suddenly, the light in the background turns off and the window goes dark. “Oh (expletive),” the person filming exclaims. “It just disappeared.” The camera lingers on the darkened top floor and we hear the guy ask rhetorically, “What the (expletive) was that?”

Was it some kind of residual haunting caught on camera by sheer luck? A prank? Something staged to get on one of the many paranormal shows now on the Travel Channel? The video is definitely intriguing.

We report, you decide.

Paranormal Activity at El Paso High School?

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