There's an elementary school in the Lower Valley where many staff members believe one child is not only there every day before any other students get there, but most likely never left.

Over the years, numerous accounts of school personnel at Cedar Grove Elementary hearing children's voices when kids were not present, footsteps in empty halls, and odd noises in classrooms has been shared between staff members.

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The most recent occurrence was experienced by a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous. As Ramiro Galvan, head investigator and founder of Paranormal Research Investigations, documented in a PRI Facebook post, while the instructor was getting things in order for the new school year, she heard a noise in the empty hallway outside the classroom.

Because of all the anecdotes and accounts she’d heard from co-workers about the weird goings-on at the school, she stepped out and snapped a few photos on her smartphone. When she took a closer look at what she had captured, chills ran up and down her spine.

Paranormal Research Investigations-PRI El Paso TX Facebook

In the photo at the end of the hall you can see what appears to be a child-like figure in an old-fashioned white dress.

Paranormal Research Investigations-PRI El Paso TX Facebook

Here's a closer look at the eerie ghostly image taken by the hallway security camera that a listener of Mike & Tricia Mornings sent me.

Submitted by Neri Quiz

Galvan does not believe the photos have been modified or that an app was used to insert the image. “Zoomed in shows a consistent background pixel quality with abrupt transition to the figure pixel,” Ramiro explains. “An app would add more of a transitional pixel quality since it is being overlaid on the background.”

Below are more enhanced views of the photo. Like we always say on Mike & Tricia Mornings when it comes to matters of the paranormal, “We report, you decide!”

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