We've covered some of the things that are fun to do around El Paso when it's a million degrees outside, like our top places to go swimming, our favorite ways to cool down, even the best places to take your dog!

What about thing to do outside? I know, you're thinking, "It's still a million degrees! Why would anyone go outside?" 

Chad in our office even has his list of top things he does outside right now:

Get Heat Stroke
Get sunburned
See mirages
Fry eggs on concrete 

But a lot people are getting more active, and there are a ton of things to do around the area. And it does get mild during our "winter", so these could be things you look forward to trying when the temperatures come down.

  • Courtney Nelson

    Desert Biking

    Some of the guys in the office love to go riding in the desert, Courtney and Glenn are big in the off-roading fun:

    "I like the desert terrain we are surrounded by. We live in possibly the world’s largest motocross track and it's awesome! Go anywhere and you can find pretty much any type of riding condition, washed out arroyos that require a lot of skill, to wide trails great for kids and/or beginners, and everything in between. There are also a couple of sculptured tracks in the area. The real fun for me though is just gassing up and taking off!"

  • Flicker, BHSPitMonkey


    There are a lot of great places to go hiking around the area, from the renovated Hueco Tanks, where you can camp overnight and explore some fantastic places and maybe even see some cool cave drawings (both old and more recent). You can hike in Tom Mays Park in the Franklin Mountains and see the Bat Cave (or something like that). The Gila Cliff Dwellings aren't too far off, either, and you can check out what Mogollon living was like!

  • Flickr, Ambernectar 13

    Licon Dairy

    Tricia loves to go out to the Licon Dairy, where she's been going since she was a kid, "I love going to San Eli and getting asadero from the Licon Dairy. Our folks used to take all five of my siblings and I there in the heat of the summer when we were kids and let us run around. You could get up close and personal with the cows and ducks and other farm animals. The coolest thing is, since there was so much animal smell going on, you couldn't really tell that us kids were just as stinky from sweating our butts off! The Licon Dairy is still in operation and they've actually expanded their animal/kid experience by putting in a really fun and very impressive petting zoo. You can feed goats and ducks, and even see ostriches and other exotic wildlife. Get a couple packages of still warm asadero, pack a picnic hamper with sandwich fixings and let the chilluns get down and dirty with the animals! Then go home and turn the hose on them! The children, not the animals!"

  • Ruidoso.net

    Visit Ruidoso

    No matter how you say the name, "Roodoso", "Rooeydoso", "Rooihdoso", or "Reeyodoso", there's a lot of fun to be had just up the road. Not only do you have fantastic skiing during the proper season, but you have the Lincoln National Forest, the Inn of The Mountain Gods, golf courses, horseback riding, motorcycle rallys and more! You can rent a cabin on the Rio Ruidoso River, check out Grindstone Lake or visit the White Sands Balloon Festival! And it's a little cooler than here in El Paso, so that's a huge bonus!

  • Music Under The Stars

    Music Under The Stars

    Every year at the Chamizal National Memorial you can spend your Sunday evenings enjoying music performances at Music Under The Stars! This free concert series showcases local and international artists and free music workshops! It's free to attend, and there are several places around to park for free as well! Take the whole family and enjoy an evening under the stars with family, friends and great music!