I think if there's one thing we can all agree on, is that it's freakin' hot outside. Haven't been outside since you got to work? Wait til lunchtime and you have to get to the car to go eat.

Extra points if your shoes don't melt to the pavement.

And don't forget the weekends, where the kids will want you to take them out to go play somewhere. They may not notice the unbelievable heat, but you sure do!

What can you do about this? Unfortunately you can't change the weather, but you can control your personal climate a little. We've been thinking of a few ways to cool down this summer, aside from going swimming.

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    Stick Your Head In The Freezer

    Cost: $0 (unless you count a little electricity, green freak)

    I know it doesn't sound like much, and not even very fun, but the cost to fun factor ratio balances things out. It's really hot outside, but a few minutes in the freezer or fridge can bring down your body temperature pretty quickly so you can relax. You'll probably come away with a tasty snack, too!

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    Go To The Movies

    Cost: $6.25 (per ticket during the day, when it's hot)

    If you want to actually leave your house and feel like you're doing something, without actually exerting any real effort. (Come on, it's hot, remember?) You can go to the movies! It's a couple hours in a really well air-conditioned room, they've got really comfortable seating now, and fun snacks!

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    Go Ice Skating

    Cost: $8 (military get in for only $6)

    You can head over to the Coliseum for Public Ice Skating! You want something cool, ice is one of the best things to get you cool. You can skate cheap, and even rent skates, and schedule birthday parties! (I think they actually want you to skate, so just laying on the ice for an hour is probably frowned upon.)

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    Go Grocery Shopping

    Cost: ? (Groceries and possibly your dignity)

    You can head over to your local grocery store and hang out in the freezer section for a while. Pretend like you're really picky about the kind of meat or vegetables you want. Just try not to make too much eye contact with other customers, especially if you're a guy. People might think you're there looking for love instead of climate relief!

  • Adventure Zone

    Fun Kid Entertainment Places

    Price: (varies by business)

    One thing you can do that will be fun for the kids, and get you in out of the sun, is to take the kids to a fun, indoor fun place! There are a bunch around town, Jungle Jaks, Adventure Zone, Bob-O's. They all have indoor entertainment with wonderful wonderful climate control, as well as outdoor activities the kids can tire themselves out doing. There are even bumper boats you can ride with water cannons to provide a little instant cool!