To cool things off, we're going to need a lot of water in the Sun City! In true El Paso fashion, the absolute BEST place to go swimming is to watch your neighbor carefully. When they leave for work, hop the fence and enjoy 9 to 5 swim fun without crowds or admission fees!

Oh, you don't want to get arrested or have your neighbors hate you? Okay then, we've compiled a short list of places to get wet this summer to help you keep the heat stroke at bay, without becoming the neighborhood's least wanted.



The YWCA has been a staple in the El Paso area for years, and they have several locations around town, so there's sure to one near you. You can take your family swimming in their fantastic pools, it's not expensive at all to get in their indoor pools. They even offer swimming lessons for all ages and skill levels!

You can also sign the kids up for the YWCA Summer Camp! They'll enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, breakfast, lunch and a snack. Every day! The Summer Camps are at the Mary Ann Dodson (west), Shirley Leavell (east), Myrna J. Deckert (northeast) and Dorothy Woodley Hunt (lower valley) branches.

Wet N Wild Waterworld

Wet N Wild Waterworld is one of the best places to get wet in the El Paso area. Not only can you get wet, but you can have the fun of launching yourself into the cool, refreshing water in a variety of ways! They have the Pirate's Plunge; The Alien Vortex, where you get wet and experience some cool G forces; the Wild Island Wave Pool, which is basically like walking into the ocean, but without the salty water and biting sharks. There's the Blaster, the Soaker, the Raging Rapids, Waterfall Leap, and of course, the Screamer! Plunge off a mountain at high speed into a refreshing pool (wedgie included free of charge)!

Another really cool thing (pun intended) is that Wet N Wild started selling season passes to the park! For only $40, you can get in every day they're open throughout the entire season! That's a lot of wetness.

El Paso Parks & Recreation Aquatic Centers

EP Parks & Rec

You've seen the Gus and Goldie commercials and signs, so you know there's water around this here desert somewhere. You can find a lot of it at the El Paso Aquatic Centers. (See that cleverly disguised name? :) )

All over town are great swim facilities for the whole family! There are pools at Armijo, Delta, Hawkins, Veterans, Memorial, Leo Cancellare and more! Check out the whole list of pools you can go to, there are 14 of them! Nine of them are indoor and open all year long! They have swim classes for beginners of all ages, water aerobics, summer swim league, recreational swimming and lap swimming. If you want to go the extra mile (or 100) you can join their 100 mile club!


There are several YMCA locations around El Paso, too. Offering ways to get in out of the heat, as well as swim lessons! Dive into one of their well cared-for pools, or wade in gradually with classes! They not only teach basic swimming, but also safety and rescue skills!

They have infant-parent classes, preschool classes, and classes for teens and adults. They also have water exercise courses and competitive swimming for kids 6 to 17!

Neighbor's Pool

We were kidding about it in the beginning, but seriously, what better place to go swimming than with friends in your own (or their) pool? Not only do you know the people who take care of the pool, you can have a big backyard party, cook some food, have some fun, and get wet!

You don't have to worry about too many people enjoying the water at the same time, keeping you on the side. You can swim a bit, relax and talk with your friends, set up a grill and make enough food for a small army! The best part, you probably won't even have to drive to get there, and you're not far from home when it's time to leave. If you're at a relative's house, you might even be able to crash there after swimming yourself silly. Then, wake up the next morning and go swimming again!