So I was having lunch on Tuesday when I noticed a woman in a wheelchair at another table with her assistance dog lying calmly under the table. It kind of made me start to wonder, "Aside from assistant animals who can go most places, where could you take your furry kids? Are there any actual dog-friendly places around town other than parks?"

Why yes, yes there are!

So I thought I'd share some of what I've learned about El Paso's dog-friendly places!

Of Course, The Parks

Chamizal National Memorial

Ascarate Lake City Park, 6900 Delta Drive is a great spot for bringing out your furry children. With 448 acres to wander through, including the Ascarate Golf Course and Ascarate Lake, there's lots of room for sports, picnicking and recreation with your pet! As long as your little buddy is leashed, well behaved and you clean up after them you and your dog can have all the fun you like! 

Franklin Mountain State Park, 1331 McKelligon Canyon Road is the largest urban park in America! With over 24,000 acres, there's historical sites, outdoor recreation, public tours and even a Gondola that goes up to Ranger Peak at 5,632 feet, as long as you can carry your dog on the Gondola. Check out this cool video of the park!

Chamizal National Memorial, 800 S. San Marcial features some of the original boundary markers between the US and Mexico! There's a great walking trail around the park, kids can become a Web Ranger and learn about the history of the park, and you can take guided tours! Leashed dogs are allowed throughout the park! You can even enjoy the Music Under The Stars series on Sundays from June through August!

Las Palmas Marketplace


Ha! you didn't think you could take your dog shopping with you, did you? You can at the Las Palmas Marketplace, 1317 George Dieter! There are tons of dining, shopping and entertainment options there, and dogs are allowed in the common areas of the mall when leashed, well behaved and under their owner's control and care. It's up to the individual stores as to whether or not they let the doggies in. Take your little furry friends shopping, and they probably won't be as embarrased wearing that shirt and sunglasses you have them wear, but they still want the picture to come off your Facebook page. Please.

Zin Valle Vineyards


You like wine, your dog loves to wander around outside, so Zin Valle Vineyards, 7315 Highway 28 in Canutillo is an ideal place for your to take your dog! Zin Valle has a number of fine wines, including what will be your dog's favorite wine, "Man's Best Friend Merlot"! You pooch can roam throughout the grounds with you, but they can't go into the tasting room. Besides, if you get a little tipsy in the tasting room, someone has to be sober to drive you home, right?

Want to do something a little different? You can even throw a private party for you and all your friends' dogs! You don't pay for use of the winery, just the wine the happy pet owners purchase for the group! So basically your doggies can play for free!

Pet Stores

Petsmart Stores

Your dog loves to get new things to chew on, and as we mentioned above, you like to shop. You can accomplish both things at the pet shops around town, like PetSmart or PetBarn! PetSmart, 655 Sunland Park Drive and 10501 Gateway West have all the fun things your dog likes to take home and chew on. There are usually pet training classes you can take with your dog like Doggie Day Camp or Learn About Your Dog. You can even adopt your dog a new brother or sister!

Here's and idea, you can do the "Spa Day" thing and get your dog pampered and groomed so they look their best when hitting the park or roaming the winery at your next wine and dog party!

Dining Out

Cafe Central

Had a long day with your pooch, shopping, roaming a winery or park and getting groomed? It's time to relax and have a nice meal! head over to Cafe Central, 109 N. Oregon for some dog friendly dining! Cafe Central is an elegant yet relaxed restaurant, and they have a full bar, great food and alfresco dining. You can bring your dog along to the outdoor tables as long as they're leashed and under your control and care!

Mango's at Nash Gardens, 150 E. Sunset is also dog-friendly! There's a full service garden and outdoor livinig center, espresso, pastry and lunch/brunch bar. You can enjoy your food in a beautiful garden with fountains! your pet can relax with you at the outer tables as long as they're under your care and control.

If you want to search for more dog-friendly places around town, or if you're going on a trip and want to take your furry kids with you, try They have info for you on a lot of great places!

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