Patty Campos is probably best known as the voice that most men fantasize about on 93.1 KISS-FM. However, while Patty spends the majority of her afternoons spinning Today’s Best Mix, we thought it would be interesting to pry into Patty’s personal life to find out what really makes one of El Paso’s sexiest on-air personalities tick.

To do this, we cornered Patty in the KISS studios earlier last week and asked her 10 completely random questions about music, food and a little beer drinking that, by the time the interview was over, made us feel as though we really had a grip on who Patty Campos really is.

This is what we uncovered:

1. Do you play any musical instruments? If you consider your vocal cords a musical instrument, then yes, I play and have been playing since I can remember. I sing at charity events, national anthem for the station events and at other various events. Just ask! I did take piano lessons for two years and can barely play a few tunes. I’d love to learn it more if I had more time.

2. Which best describes you – beer drinker and hell raiser or quiet night and a good book? This is a tricky question because I’m a little taste of both. I love me a good tall cold one, but I also love a quiet night in. Not much of a reader, but I can raise some hell where necessary.

3. What is your favorite movie of all time? This. Is a super hard question because I love so many, but if I must choose I would have to say ‘The Goonies’. As a kid, I watched this awesome movie wanting to venture out for treasure. Even though Sloth scared me half to death, it was a great movie. And who could forget Chunk!  I know it’s just one, but another one is (for obvious adult reasons) 'Friends with Benefits' starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis…I envy her! Justin is so hot! Ha! Oh wait! And 'A Night at The Roxbury'! “I was like Emiiilllllliiiiooooooo!” Swear it never gets old. Told you this question was tough.

4. What is your favorite restaurant in El Paso and what on the menu would you recommend to your listeners? This has to be Shellsey’s Oyster Bar, which is weird because I had never had fish tacos before this experience and I fell in love! They are absolutely amaze balls!

5. What would you say is your most embarrassing moment? When I was a sideline reporter for the New Mexico State University Aggies - I was doing a stand-up, just me and the camera, and I totally didn’t know what to say and I swear another language came out of my mouth on live TV. I was uttering complete nonsense, yelling at myself inside my head to shut up! (Haha) TV is scary! I mean come on, people can see your face!

6. If you could visit anywhere in the world – where would it be and why? Anywhere in the world? Does it matter if I have been there before? I’ll say this, if it was somewhere I have been it would be Los Angeles - Hollywood. I just went at the end of July and I loved every minute of the fast lifestyle! I miss it…anyone hiring there? (Haha) And if I had to choose somewhere I have never been, I’d say Cabo San Lucas. I’ve always wanted to visit there for the beaches! And anywhere I could see the Aurora Borealis…I’m a HUGE physics nerd and it would be amazing to see the northern lights!

7. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy being a radio superstar? Believe it or not I love to sit back, have a nice drink, maybe a movie and be very chill. Maybe a weekend getaway to the mountains too! I feel like this question is leadin’ into one of those scripts for a Playboy article…”I like long walks on the beach and a smooth cigar” haha

8. It’s karaoke night – what song must you sing before the night comes to an end? Karaoke! My favorite! I love to sing, so I’ll sing anything - but a cliché - everyone has to get up on stage and sing is “We Are Family”! It gets the people going! And it’s a fun song! Otherwise I’d be a mic hog!

9. What musical artist would you say had the biggest impact on you? Bar none, Mariah Carey. I absolutely love her and have been following her work since her first single “Vision of Love” in 1991 to her latest single “Beautiful," which just released this year. I have all her CDs, every magazine she’s been on the cover of, including Playboy, and have seen her twice in Vegas. She is absolutely amazing and one of the best female artists of all time.

10. If Hollywood decided to make a movie of your life – what would the movie be called and what actress would play you? A movie huh? It’ll happen one day (haha) but I think Mila Kunis would be a good choice since she has an awesome sense of humor and looks like she could be just one of the guys watching football and a girly girl at the same time. Me in a nutshell. Oh and she got to kiss Justin Timberlake! The movie title…”The Personality”. I think I have too much personality sometimes. But that’s me!

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