I had the pleasure of interviewing Khalid when he came home to El Paso for The Great Khalid Foundation’s Christmas with Khalid's Toy Drive.

Khalid came home to surprise the students and faculty of Capistrano Elementary and Presa Elementary earlier this month. Khalid along with his mom and their incredible staff at The Great Khalid Foundation once again paid it forward by distributing toys to every single elementary student.

During our chat, Khalid talked about his favorite Christmas memories and what it’s like working alongside his mom on the foundation. He also shared what he envisions for the future of the foundation which includes creating a music school here in the city of El Paso.

It is evident that Khalid loves his adopted hometown of El Paso and he, along with his mother and their team for the last three years have generously given back to the community and have big plans to continue their mission of impacting the lives of children via education and scholarship initiatives that will help support the dreams of El Paso’s youth.

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