Imagine you're in your car and a sinkhole opens up and the back part of your vehicle sinks into the street. Now imagine the earth suddenly opens up and swallows the front part of your car as you are standing next to it while calling 9-1-1.

That's exactly what happened to a woman in a west El Paso neighborhood. KVIA says the woman said she had driven into the neighborhood near Belvedere and Westwind to avoid ponding water when a sinkhole swallowed her car and took her with it.

Luckily, a man selling tacos and residents in the neighborhood saw the woman and her car fall into the sinkhole and were able to pull her to safety. Amazingly, the woman only suffered some scrapes on her arms because of the incident.

El Paso Water said a storm drain had collapsed under the road and that's why the sinkhole formed.

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