Look, I am all for breaking records but when those records involve me sweating the second I step outside, I’M DONE!

El Paso’s Summer has been one for the record books with triple-digit heat taking over the forecast and monsoon rain is nowhere to be found.

Sure we had a few days of rain but it was nothing compared to what we usually experience during the monsoon.


The weather story for pretty much all of Summer, and even the beginning of Spring, was the heat, and this past Sunday we broke yet another record!

The official high at the El Paso International Airport was 112! That beats the previous record of 103 which was set back in 2019 and we were just 2 degrees shy of hitting the all-time high in El Paso which was 114 degrees back in 1994.

El Paso’s Record-Breaking Summer 2023:

  • According to the National Weather Service of El Paso, El Paso has had 52 days at 100 degrees or hotter so far this year.
  • El Paso has had 30 days at 105 or hotter.
  • And the borderland has experienced 3 days at 110 degrees or hotter and it seems as if no relief is in sight.

Triple-digit heat is expected to continue throughout the rest of the week with chances for showers for the next few evenings.

West El Paso Dust Storm


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