Attention El Paso residents: an opportunity to avoid the embarrassment of public arrest is knocking at your door.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has rolled out its Operations Safe Streets program, a golden chance for individuals with outstanding warrants to step up, surrender, and dodge the humiliation of being apprehended at home, work, or even during a romantic date.

Currently in full swing, the self-surrender period promises to spare those with outstanding warrants from a very public and awkward encounter with the law. 

A list of individuals in this category has been made available to the public, ensuring transparency and encouraging compliance. 

Personally, I did my due diligence and confirmed that I'm in the clear. However, it’s safe to say that my only criminal offense would be the dispensation of some truly corny pickup lines.

But jokes aside, this is a serious matter ya'll. The self-surrender period is active until August 27th, giving everyone the chance to make things right. 

Should you miss this window, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, will initiate a warrant roundup.

In a bid to make this process more accessible, the list of warrants can be easily accessed online. So, El Pasoans, let's take advantage of this grace period and prevent any FitFam worthy scenarios!

Remember, the clock is ticking! To view a list of warrants, click here.

IL/ EP Sheriff
IL/ EP Sheriff

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