El Paso is known for its scorching temperatures during the Summer and every now and then we get our fair share of Winter storms during the colder season but those storms are a rare occurrence.

This past weekend, the borderland had rain and snow in the forecast and in response to this weather change, local school districts faced a critical decision: delay school starts or brave the winter chill. 

The Great El Paso School Weather Delay Debate left some El Paso residents split on whether these measures were necessary precautions or just a bit too dramatic.

Let’s Debate Both Sides:

People on the side of believing that the weather delays were in fact necessary will argue that it's a crucial step to ensure the safety and well-being of students. 

El Pasoans are more accustomed to warm weather rather than extremely cold temperatures, and the sudden drop in temperature caught many off guard. For those kids walking to school, the bone-chilling cold could pose health risks. People believe that a delayed start allows families extra time to navigate icy roads and ensures that no child is left out in the cold – literally.

On the flip side, skeptics question the necessity of these weather delays, dismissing them as overly dramatic. 

Some argue that El Pasoans should embrace the cold, teaching children resilience in the face of unexpected weather. 

Critics suggest that these delays may coddle children, preventing them from developing the resilience needed to face the real world and its unpredictable conditions.

So, the debate continues: Are these school weather delays a necessary buffer against the elements, or are they just chillingly unnecessary? Here’s What Locals Had To Say:


For School Weather Delays:

I'm fine with it. I needed the extra time to get the kids out the door this morning. I'm glad it came as a first day back for us.


Our children are the greatest treasure that we'll ever receive! We need to protect them at all cost. The cold is horrific in the winds. My opinion!


El Paso’s weather is so unpredictable. Better to be safe when it comes to children.

Against School Weather Delays:

Dramatic - I lived in the Chicago area for 22 years during bitter winter frigid weather & nothing ever stopped, unless it was icing.


We loved to walk to school snowy days today's generation weak, true story.


Dramatic and unnecessary. The two hour delay won’t change the wind chill factor much. It will still be extremely cold for those who lack warm clothing, even with a delay.




El Paso's March Snowstorm


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