Life could become a little easier for UTEP students living on the East Side but only if they participate in a online survey.

I live in Fabens and it takes me about 40 minutes on I-10 to get to UTEP on a day that doesn't have too much traffic. If an accident happens, and it usually does, I need to pray that my teacher is late because I'm delayed a good 10 minutes.

I hate the drive I make everyday to UTEP and sometimes it's just for one class! Luckily, UTEP is sending out a survey that current students can participate in to help UTEP create classes on the East Side.

This survey was sent out yesterday, so if your interested in participating, it should be in your UTEP e-mail account. It is incredible important to take this survey so UTEP can recognize that these East Side classes will help out students. Imagine all the money we can save on gas!

I'm not too sure about all the info going on with plans for East Side classes. I just took this survey and it really doesn't give too many details but the more participants UTEP can get, the higher the chance these classes could become a reality! I'll try to find more information as I receive it.