It looks like "America's Got Talent" contestant Timothy Poe, who has been accused of making up a story about being injured in Afghanistan during his audition, is getting the heave ho. Poe's House of Cards came crashing down after it was discovered that the picture he had supplied for the show, purporting to be himself in combat, was actually that of Staff Sgt. Norman Bone, who is currently stationed at Ft. Bliss.

There's talk that the reason NBC doesn't seem too concerned about the controversy is because Poe gets eliminated in the next round, which has already been filmed. Fox news backs the rumor up via Anthony Anderson, Jr., manager of the Facebook community Stolen Valor, which has been instrumental in exposing Poe's lies. They quote Anderson as saying, “I have been told by [a] very reliable source that Mr. Poe gets eliminated anyway, and very soon."

In an interview with a Dallas television station over the weekend, a sobbing Poe apologized for his claims and said that because of his various injuries and traumas he can't remember exactly what happened where and when. And he's having difficulty figuring it all out. "But it's the truth that I know," he added. "It's the truth that I truly think is real." When asked how it was the photo of Ft. Bliss soldier Sgt. Bone was sent in to show producers and passed off as that of himself in combat, here is how Poe responded:

It's unclear if and when NBC will comment on his future on the show. The next episodes air tonight and tomorrow.

Watch Poe's entire interview with WFAA here, and his original AGT appearance below: