The next step in one El Paso native’s journey to future stardom and riches continues this week on NBC’s No. 1 summer show. Comedian/Impressionist Vincent Marcus is one of 11 quarterfinalists who will perform for votes this week on America’s Got Talent.

Marcus made it to the live rounds in May with a medley of impressions of old-school rap artists doing nursery rhymes. His routine wowed the judges, including Simon Cowell who is notorious for his blunt feedback and hurtful wisecracks to aspiring entertainers. Cowell, thought Vincent's impressions of Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z showed “star quality,” while fellow judge and fan-favorite Howie Mandel called him “an amazing live performer.”

Simon may or may not be back when Vincent and the other quarter-finalists hit the stage Tuesday night (Aug 18). He broke his back in an electric bicycle accident last week and was only released from the hospital this past Saturday. His status is unknown as of this writing. Kelly Clarkson is again standing by in case Cowell can’t make it.

One other difference Vincent and his fellow contestants will notice is the lack of a studio audience. Due to the coronavirus pandemic AGT is going to roll audience-free most likely through the end of the season.

So how does Marcus plan to impress America into voting him into the semi-finals? The 30-year-old Burges High and University of Texas El Paso graduate has not given any indication of what he plans to do, but a slew of Family Guy characters beat-boxing or the tried-and-true  radio deejay impression never fail to slay.

Vincent Marcus - America's Got Talent May 2020 Premiere Episode

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