Wednesday night, America voted 5 acts from week 2 of the America’s Got Talent season 15 quarterfinals on to the next round ... and Vincent Marcus was not one of them.

The impressionist from El Paso was eliminated last night (Aug. 19), losing to BAD Salsa, an Indian salsa dancing duo who has participated in many national and international dance competitions and won the fourth season of India's Got Talent

Vincent’s hope of keeping the dream to headline a show in Las Vegas alive was put in jeopardy after his rappers doing nursery rhymes bit the night before wasn’t as well received as the one that got him there.

This time around, the judges weren’t as enthusiastic about his performance as they were back in May when it earned him four yeses and glowing reviews.

Tuesday night’s routine received a split decision. Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson, who stepped in for an injured Simon Cowell, and Sofia Vergara offered mostly positive remarks, but Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel were much more critical. “I didn’t like it as much as your last one,” said Howie, referring to his audition.

After the show aired, the Burges High School and UTEP graduate hit up Instagram with a quick, exclamation point-filled announcement of his elimination. “AAAAND I’M ELIMINATED!!! It was fun! Love you AGT!”

Many of the web sites and blogs that specialize in reality TV show news and updates, as well as the countless who comment on them, felt Vincent didn’t show any diversity by rehashing the rappers routine.

Marcus became an internet sensation in 2014 during the glory days of Vine showcasing his sick beat-boxing skills and dead-on Family Guy impressions. He moved to Los Angeles four years ago where he continues to pursue his dream of sleeping late and going to work in sweatpants and sandals a few times a week as a voice actor.

Vincent Marcus - America's Got Talent August 2020 Quarterfinals Performance

Vincent Marcus - America's Got Talent May 2020 Season Premiere Episode

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