It's been an eventful week at the KFOX14/CBS4 studios on North Mesa. Several uninvited guests have been terrorizing the news anchors and staff and causing mayhem.

Several bats have apparently been roosting in the building and their presence has been disrupting. It's been so chaotic at times that newscasts have been delayed, and the morning teams from both stations have had to share the same studio and airwaves several times.

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The flying mammal first started swooping and divebombing around the KFOX studio last Friday (3/24) forcing the station off the air for a time while the staff looked for a solution.

That intruder was eventually caught, but a second and third bat interrupted the nighttime newscast several nights later.

“Tonight, we had to move to a makeshift studio after not one but TWO bats decided to hijack our newscast,” posted 9 p.m. co-anchor Robert Holguin on Wednesday (3/29).

“It’s happened on the morning show. And for us it’s happened before the newscast. But for me, this is the first time we are trying to do a live newscast while bats are flying laps in the studio.”

The nocturnal animals likely were heading out for their nightly feeding, and, well, you have to admit Robert Holguin is quite the snack.

Bats are not uncommon in El Paso. They are known to colonize in large structures with dark spaces.

Maybe they should call in Ozzy of the El Paso Locomotive. The team mascot that looks like Chuck E. Cheese and the Gremlin with the mohawk mated and had a baby speaks bat, doesn’t he?

Robert Holguin KFOX Facebook
Robert Holguin KFOX Facebook
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Jessica Gonzalez Facebook

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