“It’s time to recharge my batteries and move on.”

After nearly 19 years as Chief Meteorologist, Sandra Diaz has given her last forecast on El Paso airwaves. The El Paso native has left the KFOX14/CBS4 newsroom green screen behind to explore new opportunities.

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Farewell Messages

Erika Castillo KFOX Facebook
Erika Castillo KFOX Facebook

Co-workers and co-anchors Robert Holguin and Erika Castillo offered Sandra well-wishes in separate social media posts. “I’ll miss her great sense of humor as much as I’ll miss her forecasts,” said Holguin.

“I am proud of Sandra for taking the brave step to pursue new adventures,” Castillo wrote. Her post was accompanied by a photo of herself alongside the “legendary broadcasting meteorologist.”

Sandra’s departure hit CBS4 Anchor John Purvis in the feels. “I'm sad Sandra is leaving the station because I'll miss seeing her daily but I'm happy for the adventure she's starting.”

Where Is Sandra Going?

Meteorologist Sandra Diaz Facebook
Meteorologist Sandra Diaz Facebook

Diaz didn’t mention what sort of “adventure” she’ll be going on or what she’ll be doing next, but did write that she would miss most “the people and this beautiful city” which leads me to believe she’s not sticking around.

Her LinkedIn profile says she’s “looking to take the next step as a Meteorologist” either at another TV station or “in meteorology, outside of broadcasting.”

Brad Montgomery was promoted from the morning shift and has taken Diaz's place on the nine o’clock newscast.

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