Alright, so I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that there’s been quite a few changes within the local TV news world.

I’m gonna sound like a broken record but, that’s just the way the business is! No there isn’t any anchorman stuff going on behind the scenes, it’s just the way the TV news world works.

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All these changes first started back when KTSM announced that they were bringing back a familiar face to their evening newscasts, Estela Casas!

Most recently, KFOX-TV introduced the newest addition to their evening news team, Liz Dueweke.

We had the pleasure of meeting Liz and surprising her with a visit from her new BFF, Amigo Man!

However, many people noticed that a favorite news anchor was missing from another local TV news station. Yes, I’m talking about Erik Elken and KVIA.

I’ve seen all the comments of viewers DEMANDING an answer as to where Erik went. Well, the answer to that is simple. Contracts end in the broadcasting business and people sometimes choose to leave for better opportunities.

It’s life. And life happens.

Courtesy: IL/KVIA/Erik Elken/Brianna Chavez
Courtesy: IL/KVIA/Erik Elken/Brianna Chavez

Where Did Erik Elken Go:

In an email sent out to employees, management shared the news that Erik was going to be taking a step back from the business in order to spend more quality time with his family.

“We appreciate the work and talents he shared during his time at KVIA,” said KVIA General Manager Brenda De Anda-Swann.

Trust me, this news came as a surprise to me as well, especially since I began working alongside his wife, Megan McCormik, who was the newest addition to the KLAQ Buzz Adams morning show.

Megan is a vibrant and fierce woman and I LOVED having her energy around the radio station.

As for Erik, the kind hearted person you saw on your TV screen every evening was the same person you got in person.  And he never skipped a beat when it came to delivering his dad jokes either on-air or in person.

El Paso was lucky to have the Elkens and I am certain wherever they go next they are going to thrive!

Who Is Taking Over Erik’s Spot:

KVIA teased viewers last week saying they had a special announcement on who would be joining Stephanie Valle during the evening newscasts and if you watched the 6 o’clock show on that day you may have seen a familiar face on your screen!

(Also, shoutout to everyone at KVIA for literally not spilling the tea no matter how much I bugged you to spill the tea. Proud.)

A video during the 6 o’clock newscast showed ABC-7 anchor Stephanie Valle making a face-time phone call to a former colleague of hers, former KVIA sports director Paul Cicala.

Paul shared the news that he would be heading back to El Paso to join Steph at the anchor desk! 

Paul worked at KVIA from 2009 to 2013 and is known for his positive vibes and AMAZING energy. (Legit, I am jealous of the amount of energy Paul has!)

“Paul is an incredibly dynamic man. He is naturally enthusiastic, and you see that passion coming through in his work, in his stories,” said KVIA-TV General Manager Brenda De Anda-Swann. “He’s been here, he loves this community and he’s already a part of it.”

Paul will be leaving his hometown, Tucson, Arizona, to return to his adopted home of El Paso, Texas.

“I truly embrace being a resident of the Borderland and it’s in my destiny to go back to El Paso,” Cicala said with a smile. ““I’m really looking forward to working on all the stories that I never got the opportunity to work on when I was in El Paso – and not only in El Paso, but of course, Las Cruces and Ciudad Juarez, as well.”

I was excited to hear the news that Paul was coming back to KVIA because he brings a lot of experience and passion with him and locals who remember him were excited to hear the news as well.

Paul is set to make his TV return in September so keep a lookout for that!

Other Changes at KVIA:

The evening news team wasn’t the only team with changes. This past June my partner in crime, Brianna Chavez, announced that she would be leaving El Paso to continue her work as a reporter in Salt Lake City, Utah. *Cries in Spanish*

KVIA was the first news station Brianna worked for and she worked her way up from being a receptionist, to a reporter, to a producer, and spent her last years at KVIA as the morning news and traffic reporter and ABC-7 at noon anchor and producer.

Recently viewers were introduced to Isabella Martinez, the newest addition to Good Morning El Paso and ABC-7 at noon.

Aside from having AMAZING HAIR, Isabella was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and her Hispanic roots come from her parents, with a Bolivian mother and Colombian father.

Isabella earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Sociology from Suffolk University in Boston. 

“I am thrilled to immerse myself in the vibrant borderland community and share the incredible stories that shape El Paso's rich and diverse culture,” said Martinez.

Look, change is inevitable. Sometimes we don’t like the change, sometimes we don’t agree with the change, but at the end of the day change is necessary in order for all of us to grow.

After nearly 4 years I had to make the tough decision to call it quits with my Sunday Funday Moments because I myself needed a change and I was excited to allow someone else the opportunity to take on those feel good stories every weekend because let me tell you, telling the positive stories of our city is life changing.

At the end of the day I think it is safe to say that we can all agree on one thing: DOPPLER DAVE BETTER NEVER EVER LEAVE US!! 

Courtesy: IL/KVIA/Erik Elken/Brianna Chavez
Courtesy: IL/KVIA/Erik Elken/Brianna Chavez

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