On this Throw Back Thursday, let's take a look at the time when Tracy Morgan derails a live TV interview with local anchor Robert Holguin.

It's been fourteen years since Tracy Morgan had some fun during a live interview with local anchor Robert Holguin, who was anchoring at KVIA at the time - Now on KFOX-14.

I recently came across the video and had to share because while the video title suggests that Tracy Morgan might have been "wasted," it was just really his comic genius taking over.

Tracy Morgan was in town in 2007 promoting his two nights at the El Paso Comic Strip. The interview starts with Holguin asking Morgan about his time on Saturday Night Live; when barely 30 seconds into the interview, Morgan begins to admire himself in the nearby monitor. Soon after, Morgan mentions visiting Jaguars and loving the ladies of  "Texas, El Paso." Truthfully, I love it when he keeps repeating "Texas, El Paso," lol.

Meanwhile, Holguin tries his hardest to get him back on track, but it's all to no avail as Morgan continues on and even takes his shirt off.

The thing is, Morgan wasn't drunk or under the influence - it was just his shtick.

That same year, Tracy Morgan did a live interview with WGN-TV, a television station in  Chicago, and there too, he proceeded to take his shirt off and made call-outs to Oprah and her beau Steadman to call him up.

Fourteen years later, the video (pre-HDTV) is still hilarious. Since then, Tracy Morgan has starred in multiple films, but it almost all came to an end when he was involved in a horrific near-fatal accident in 2014. Thankfully, after some grueling therapy, he has recovered and gone on to become one of Hollywood's most prominent comedians, and we can see why. His quick wit, dry humor, and ability to adapt and take hold of a room are unmatched and simply uncanny.


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