As if the internet needs another debate, behold the tortilla debate.

Brought up by TikTok user @robert_fitness_journey_ and shared by We are Mitú, the tortilla debate has many people wondering, why do we refrigerate tortillas?

Should we be doing this? Have we always been doing this?

After this TikTok was shared, many people freaked out upon the realization that some people refrigerate their tortillas by habit. Others pointed out that they do not refrigerate their tortillas and they are fine with it.

My parents were in the not refrigerate club, until recently. I pointed the refrigeration label out to them and they were shook.

It blew their minds.

My mom fought me on this rule and said she always left them out, so she was going to continue to. I told her, well sorry, you are wrong.

Certain tortillas come with the disclaimer to refrigerate after opening.

Some don't, according to certain Instagram users.

I know the store-bought ones I buy come with one, but not too sure about the fresh ones. El Pasoans know where to get some get local tortillas like from San Eli Supermarket and Vista Market. It has been a while since I've been shopping at these places, so any El Pasoans who might know if they do require to be refrigerated, please let me know.

Emily Murillo
Emily Murillo

Growing up, we always left the tortillas out on the counter. No one got sick, no one complained until TikTok came around.

It blew my mind when I first found out that we should put certain tortillas in the fridge because it made my childhood feel like a lie. It also made me think of how many times we could have prevented our tortillas from getting moldy.

Now that I have a daughter, I will prevent the mistakes my parents made and read the label when I am putting my tortillas away.

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