There were no major presidential candidate offices here in El Paso until this weekend when Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg opened an office at 3800 N Mesa St. Suite C-12. So far only two presidential candidates have opened an office in town - Beto O'Rourke had his campaign headquarters here while he was still running, and now Bloomberg.

El Paso city Rep. Peter Svarzbein will be working for Bloomberg as deputy state director in Texas for the campaign.
Svarzbein says that he is proud that Bloomberg is concentrating on Texas and El Paso "even as the other candidates are focused on early states."

I'm a little concerned about a sitting city rep working on a presidential campaign in any year, but especially working on a campaign in an election year as contentious as 2020 is shaping up to be. Our city is embroiled in trying to get an arena built in downtown El Paso, trying to get a Children's Museum built who's price tag is already twice as much as it was pitched to voters. We're working on maintaining a streetcar system and bringing new business to El Paso without giving away the farm in tax incentives.

I just don't think that a sitting rep should be working on a campaign that will surely eat into his time being a rep. We are not a little city anymore - we are a city with a budget approaching a billion dollars a year. The people we vote into office need to have their eyes on the budget, not on a presidential race.

Sorry, Peter. Not a good look.

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