I've been Mike's work wife for almost 16 years now, and every now and again he says something about his home life that makes me wonder if he was raised by wolves. This morning we both had leftover pizza for breakfast. I know that he doesn't always warm it up, which I find gross but he assures me that cold pizza tastes good, but today he told me that he doesn't refrigerate his pizza overnight. I mean really, who does this?

The idea of leaving food out on the kitchen counter, any food, is seriously gross to me. On the odd chance that I actually have leftover pizza I usually let it cool down a bit and then put it into a plastic baggie and seal it tight. The next day, if I'm at home I'll warm it in the oven but if I'm at work, I'll nuke it in the microwave for a minute, but I always refrigerate it overnight. We posed the question to our listeners and on the free 93.1 KISS FM mobile app they weighed in on the Great Pizza Debate.

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Erika said "You always have to put it in the fridge in a zip lock back or else the crust gets hard as a rock if you leave it out." True dat, Erika. The cold air of the fridge does horrible things to break in general and pizza crust in particular.

Paulina said "I refrigerate not only my leftover pizza, but EVERYTHING I possibly can I'm the kind of person that panics about food going bad if it's left out too long, so when in doubt, refrigerate!! Like Tricia said, bug party galore!" I'm with ya, girl. If I'm going to eat it, it needs to be in the fridge overnight.

Bianca has a great system. She said "Leftover Pizza: Depends on the place I got it...Little Caesars goes on counter (main ingredient: preservatives), PPP goes in the fridge/counter (depends how lazy I am LOL), but if the pizza is from a mom and pop shop it DEFINITELY goes in the fridge." It sounds like Bianca has a lot of practice with leftover pizza lol.

Jessica, however, schooled us on a great way to reheat leftover pizza. She said "My son and I were talking about this at the orthodontist this morning. We are OVEN people. We just stick the whole box in there overnight and we heat it back up the same way." I had no idea you could do that. Now I'm going to have to order more pizza to try it out.

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