There is something that has had my mind wondering something lately. We simply cannot forget the time when businesses had to close at the peak of the pandemic.

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People in El Paso were trying their best to re-create Chico's Tacos recipe. Then, on top of that, once businesses were able to open up again, they had long lines.

So I started wondering about something if the opportunity ever happened to come up in the future. We have all played the game would you rather in our youth and probably still do now.

But this would you rather is El Paso edition which revolves around a popular local place. For the longest time, so many people complained about the cheese change and demanded it back.

So many people in El Paso sure as hell haven't forgotten about Chico's switching up the cheese. There are still some people who will complain about it to this exact day.

There are probably people who use their birthday wishes hoping the food chain will someday accept plastic. Now those are the two biggest things some El Pasoans have raised hell about over the years.

Now I am curious as to which desire you would hope Chico's Tacos would do. Would you rather Chico's Tacos bring back the OG cheese or instead finally start accepting credit cards?

If one of our wildest dreams were to come true, which would you hope to happen? Place your vote in the poll below.

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