During the Morning Show, Mike and I have begun to say people who get things done in a questionable way are 'Larry Romeroing' things. That got me to thinking about some other El Pasoisms that explain the current state of El Paso politics. Feel free to use these in your daily life.

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    Larry Romeroing

    City Rep. Larry Romero is well known for getting speed bumps put in front of his old high school for his friends, paving roads that were supposed to be for his friends, and trying to get one of his friends hired on at the City. His latest move involves resigning from City Council, but still technically being employed by the City, therefore still drawing a paycheck.

    If you know someone who can pull these kinds of, let's call them interesting, moves, they are 'Larry Romeroing'.

    courtesy: KVIA
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    Do you have a co-worker you have to deal with on a daily basis, but the dislike between you sometimes bubbles up during meetings and makes everyone really uncomfortable? During those meetings, you are Limon/Nilanding.  Want to know how it looks?  Just watch any El Paso City Council meeting and keep an eye on City Reps. Lily Limon and Courtney Niland.

    courtesy: elpasotimes.com/Ruben Ramirez
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    San Jacintoing

    We all have that friend who is remodeling their house, restoring a vintage car, or promising you that they're fifteen minutes away from your house when they haven't even gotten out of their pajamas yet.  That person is 'San Jacintoing'.

    It might take them three years to get something done, but eventually, you'll get exactly what you asked for.

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    This is an oldie, but a goodie.  This is the friend who says 'no' to everything.  Want to catch 'Star Wars' this weekend? No. You up for some dinner?  No.  Think I should wash my car?  No.

    It doesn't matter what the question is, if you're friend is a 'no' body, then he is channeling former City Rep. Eddie Holguin, the Yoda of 'no'.

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    A friend takes your car and uses all your gas.  He returns it and when you ask what the heck he was thinking, he tells you, 'You didn't tell me I couldn't take the car'.  He's pulled a 'Gonzalez' on you.

    City Manager Tommy Gonzalez did the same thing when explaining that no one told him no one told him that putting speed humps on Stanton violated City policy.  It didn't occur to him to ask before okaying them, kind of like your friend.

    courtesy: Tommy Gonzalez via kvia.com