So, I am going to be the first to say that I am not the person you should ever go to if you want to have a conversation about politics. Whether it’s local or state or whatever. I’m just not a political kind of girl, for a number of reasons.

I must confess though, recently I found myself staying updated on our local city politics because as a woman who loves to watch reality TV, some of the news coming out of our local city council reminded me of my fave reality TV shows and so of course, I was hooked!

HOWEVER, Tuesday’s breaking news regarding the firing of El Paso’s City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez, kind of caught me off guard and after reading comments online I was not alone.


Ok, a quick recap in case you don’t know what the heck is going on:

El Paso’s city Manager Tommy Gonzalez recently had his salary come under fire because well, he was making a lot. LIKE A LOT! $400,000.

City Council had a discussion about it last year. I thought that was when he was going to get fired but nope. PLOT TWIST! Iris was wrong and Mr. Gonzalez still had his job and was still getting paid VERY good.

Ok, let’s bring things to the new year now. 2023.

New year, new El Paso City Council and sometimes when you add fresh, new minds to a group…. things change, and that’s exactly what happened Tuesday when El Paso city council voted to fire City Manager Tommy Gonzalez.

I could give you more details on this novela but I rather have the professionals fill you in:

El Pasoans React To Tommy Gonzalez Being Fired:

In true El Paso fashion, locals went to the comments section of local media outlets social media pages to share how they felt about the news and they did not disappoint:

“Nearly a million dollars to fire one person. Money that could be used to build affordable city housing, road improvements, maybe open up the downtown library.”


Hmmmm. I’m not sure that’s how things work but, what do I know?!

“City council works for us. We deserve an explanation as to why he was fired. If they are unhappy with his performance then they should share that information with us. What did he do that was so outrageous that deserved to be fired?”


“City Manager?…. Wait what? This city was managed? THIS city? Well I’ll be darned.”

Sarcasm. I love it. (I hope it’s sarcasm.)

“Meanwhile, ya’ll want us to volunteer to pull weeds?! Get that DUDE to do it.”

Laughing. Out. Loud.

“Should have let him go when he applied for the same job in another city last year. He played the city and won.”


Why do I feel like someone broke up with me after ready that comment?

“You’re Fired!! Here’s a million dollars.”

*Saying that three times to manifest my future*

“He still makes that $$$”

Look, don’t hate the player. Hate the game. If someone offered you $400,000 salary because they felt you deserved it I’m pretty sure you would take it too!

Ok, let’s be fair though. While many people had negative things to say, there were a few that didn’t put all the blame on Mr. Gonzalez:

“Checks and balances. I sat in on one of his community events. Very impressed by what he did. Saved the city millions and also made the city millions.”


“Soo, the city manager was expensive but the city operations were flowing good and the city was not In debt. He actually had the city surplus on a budget , so they got rid of him? I hope the city council is not working on emotion very interesting decision.”

All jokes aside though, I wish nothing but the best for Tommy Gonzalez. You don’t have to necessarily like a person to appreciate the work and dedication they showed for the job they did. Tommy Gonzalez sat in that position for nearly 9 years because people appreciated his work.

I hope that our city council is able to make the right decision once Tommy completes his final months here in El Paso and I’m sure they will because politics aside, we have some pretty strong and passionate people on board that just want to see their hometown thrive, and for that I am appreciative.


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