The All-Clear for Candy

Slow down. Sweet treats doled out by strangers are off the hook. That's right! As it turns out, the hazardous perils of Fright Night have nothing to do with what we chew.

It's a Pointed Threat

So what is Halloween's most dangerous threat to our health and safety? A 2021 study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission zeroed in on injuries that occurred between October and November of 2018.

What they found was what we least expected.

Have You Experienced Halloween's Number One Injury?

Pumpkin-carving in the spirit of Halloween is a classic American tradition.

Halloween 2022 is Much Better With These Idaho-Inspired Costumes

Halloween is approaching fast! Check out these Idaho-inspired costume ideas for Halloween 2022!

Boise Parks You Can Drink In While Your Kids Play

Looking to throw yours or your kid’s next birthday bash, celebration, or bangin' barbeque on the Boise Greenbelt?

Look no further because we have good news for you, friend. Gin n’ juice, beer, and wine are welcome at these six parks with an easy-to-secure permit and reservation.
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