GHOST HUNTING REDUEX: Ok, so eeeeeveryone around here thinks I'm a crazy person for thinking our building is haunted. Well, once my fellow co-workers found out there was going to be a ghost busting going on around here, they started coming out of the woodwork with their own ghost stories about 4180 N. Mesa! 

Scott Ronson of our sister station KLAQ claims he once saw a little boy hanging around the water cooler, our receptionist says her son won't go to the bathroom alone anymore after he said he saw a little boy in there, some of our sales staff say they've felt things in the cubicle farm, and our overnight staff claim to have felt some pretty interesting things around the building late at night!

Enter the paranormal investigators from Research In Paranormal Science of El Paso. They first contacted Mike and I this past December after hearing me talk on the radio about how I don't like being alone in the building because I can sense things at times.  After getting the proper clearances, etc. we finally settled on a day and time when the group could conduct an investigation.

Allan Martinez and his team were in our building last Friday with all kinds of equipment to do some good old fashioned ghost busting!  RIP EP spent the over night here, and after going through their recordings, it looks like they may have found a few things. However, as fate would have it, last Friday was the Little Black Dress Party, and the Q-Rotica Ball, and consequently there were hoards of people running in and out of the building. That plus speaker noise from our engineering room bled into the audio, so  we decided it would be best to do another session in a more controlled, less active environment before proclaiming  the existence of a haunting in our building.

Allan and his guys will be here again this Friday night, and they'll work feverishly over the weekend to get audio ready for next week. 

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 Here's an interesting audio snippet from the initial investigation, recorded while everything was winding down and RIP was getting ready to call it a day.

Did you hear the whisper in between his questions? Listen again. The whisper has been isolated and amplified, and as much hiss as possible has been removed ...

I know what I hear. What do YOU hear?