Hey, are you an earthquake? Because you just shook up ALL OF EL PASO!!!

Early Wednesday morning, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake sent shockwaves across the region, causing some half-asleep locals to question whether they were still dreaming or whether a ghostly spirit was trying to steal them.

I was bummed because I didn’t experience any sort of movement when everyone else did so when I woke up and saw all the posts I was confused as to what everyone was talking about.

According to local media outlets, the epicenter of this seismic event was near Mentone, Texas, and it struck at 3:27 a.m. Mountain Time.

From Santa Teresa, New Mexico, to Clint, Texas, people were jolted from their peaceful sleep by the unexpected tremors. The quake's impact rippled far and wide, reaching residents from Mescalero, New Mexico, to Artesia, New Mexico, and even right here in our own Sun City.

El Pasoans were quick to share their experiences, and their stories ranged from eerie to hilarious.

One El Pasoan, Maria Gonzales, recounted her ordeal, saying, "I thought my house was being haunted! It was so surreal." Meanwhile, Mark Rodriguez shared a lighter perspective, joking, "I guess we can cross 'experience an earthquake' off our bucket list."


"I had just finish going to bathroom lol"

"Heck yeah! First time experiencing one and thought a ghost was shaking my bed."

"Woke me out of a deep sleep and my bed was shaking!"

"Woke up to a weird noise, and then my bed was shaking. I was thinking it was my meds that had me in a daze. I opened the front door and dogs were barking like crazy."


"I sure did! I woke up with my bed shaking. Lasted at least 3 minutes. I thought there was something underneath my bed."

My favorite reaction? 

"Most action I gotten in a while."


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