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Haunted El Paso: Fire Station #9
Allan Martinez, Case Manager/Investigator with Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso, paid us a return visit Friday morning. RIPS, if you recall, was the group who investigated Tricia’s claims last year that the building we work in is haunted.
The ‘Ghosteses’ of KISS-FM Part 2: The Reveal [Audio]
THE 'GHOSTESES' OF KISS-FM SECOND INVESTIGATION FOLLOWUP: So is our building haunted?  Allan Martinez and the team from Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso spent the over night again this past Friday to try to answer the question once and for all.
The Ghosteses of KISS-FM… Real or Imagined? [Audio]
GHOST HUNTING REDUEX: Ok, so eeeeeveryone around here thinks I'm a crazy person for thinking our building is haunted. Well, once my fellow co-workers found out there was going to be a ghost busting going on around here, they started coming out of the woodwork with their own ghost stories about …