The ongoing saga of the Nativity scene at the San Jacinto Plaza is wrapping up with the installation of the new Nativity scene this week. Crews were seen at San Jacinto installing the new Nativity scene today.

NewsChannel 9 shot the video, and it looks like the set will be almost life-sized and in traditional colors. The Nativity has caused a lot of talk around town the last couple of days. People who went to the Celebration of Lights this weekend immediately noticed that there was no Nativity even though it has been a part of the City's Christmas lights display in San Jacinto for years.

Last week, the City said they were not going to include the Nativity because it wasn't bright or festive enough. Social media exploded with people angry with the City's decision, and on Monday, the City did an abrupt about-face and said that they were planning on installing a new Nativity set this weekend. Looks like things got moving a lot faster than anticipated because the Nativity is expected to be fully installed and ready for the public by this weekend.

Good job, City Council, and Merry Christmas!