You know we love it here in El Paso when someone gives us a shoutout on a national or international platform. We love it when Burges High School and UTEP alum Aaron Jones flashes the 915 Strong sign whenever he gets a touchdown for the Green Bay Packers. When Beto O'Rourke or Veronica Escobar talk about El Paso, whether you like them or not, it's fantastic to see two hometown politicians standing up for our city and our people. Hearing that Rage Against The Machine was going to kick off its first world tour in years right here in El Paso was a super cool way to get some national attention, and whenever a star shows up at L&J Cafe or Rocketbuster Boots, we love to see their social media pics of our city.

Yesterday, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker gave El Paso and our downtown jewel a little bit of social media love. Parker took to her Instagram page and shared a picture of the alligator signage of San Jacinto Plaza that is emblazoned with SJP, which stands for the name of the park but is also, of course, her initials that she famously goes by and gossip websites use.

I've seen that signage a million times and always thought that it was funny that the initials were used but never really thought much of it. Sarah Jessica, which is what you should call her if you meet her because she goes by both names not just Sarah, thought it was cool enough to post on her Insta. She wasn't in El Paso or San Jacinto Park but her friends were and they snapped a pic to send her.

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She said her friends were traveling through town and she tagged them in her post. One of the friends she tagged posted this photo from White Sands but that's the only other photo they posted from the El Paso area. Parker's friends don't appear to be famous but who cares, they helped showcase a cool little detail from San Jacinto Park on a famous person's Insta, and you know how we love that kind of stuff here in the 915.

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