We all know that the annual downtown Christmas celebration in San Jacinto Plaza isn't going to happen this year because of the giant meteor that landed about a month ago and left a huge, smoldering crater. It's going to take years to fix that hole in the ground so... ok, I'm joking, but we did have a massive hole blown in our year by the COVID-19 pandemic and it effectively killed any semblance of a normal life we had.

Just a year ago, we were all wandering around the downtown area enjoying the lights and activities of WinterFest. There are a lot of videos you can find online that people shot while walking around WinterFest. This one doesn't have music, just the lights and ambient sounds of the people around the person recording.

If your family can't make it in to town for the holidays, send them this article so they can remember how amazing our downtown looks during the holidays and hopefully next year we'll all be able to enjoy WinterFest in person again.

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