Holiday lights, no Nativity scene. The San Jacinto Plaza's Celebration of Lights kicked off this weekend, but this year, there is no Nativity scene, even though there has been in years past. So, why no Nativity scene in San Jacinto?

The San Jacinto decorations were all moved to Cleveland Square in 2012 because of renovations at the plaza. Those decorations included the Nativity scene. When the renovations were completed, a new decorating scheme for San Jacinto was put in place, one that didn't use the old, colorful Christmas lights and decorations, and one that didn't include the Nativity scene.

Dionne Mac, with the Quality of Life Department, said they didn't "really specifically decide we weren't going to have certain items. The idea was that San Jacinto Plaza, which is everyone's front porch in a lot of ways, would be redesigned based on the new layout." City officials decided that the new design of the plaza meant new lights and decorations and the old Nativity scene was not modern enough to fit the new design and patterns because it wasn't bright and festive.

Mac said the decorations weren't specific to any holidays and were "festive in a way people can celebrate."

What a load of bunk.

Guess what City of El Paso? This is the Christmas season. It is a national holiday. If the United States Government is giving people a day off in observance of this holiday, then why can't we have a Nativity scene at San Jacinto Plaza? Should we do away with the observance of Christmas as a national holiday? You want to tell people that they have to work on Christmas Day?

Bring back the Nativity scene in San Jacinto! Stop being politically correct! There was never a problem with the Nativity scene being at San Jacinto before, so why is there now?

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