Politics is an ugly business, and the race for District 7 just took a hard turn for oh-my-gawd-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-people?

District 7 is Lily Limon’s district, and she is being challenged by Henry Rivera for that seat. Rivera, and city rep and mayoral candidate Emma Acosta, were the targets of a robocall that asks, "Are you tired of the corruption that has plagued El Paso for so many decades? Then why would you make the mistake of putting people like Emma Acosta and Henry Rivera into office?"

As you hear in the call from local political blogger Jaime Abeytia's YouTube page, the call goes way, way, way out of bounds and says that Rivera's wife, Dora Oaxaca, has a "wandering eye" for corruption. Oaxaca is a longtime employee of current city rep and mayoral candidate Emma Acosta. She also has a prosthetic eye.

Real classy move, robocall producer. You go after a woman with a disability? You, robocall producer, are a real slimeball.

I have no horse in the District 7 race, and if you listen to the show, you know I can really go after Emma Acosta, but doing something like this is completely without justification. Stuff like this is what makes people wonder if it's even worth voting or caring about politics, and that leads to really slimy people running for office because they are the only ones who are willing to play this kind of dirty pool.

I really do hope that whoever did this is found out. Even if it's after the election, the person behind this needs to be outed so that, hopefully, they are so disgraced that they never think of trying to influence an election again.

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