Ready to embark on an adventure as the Borderlands Renaissance Faire brings new dimensions of entertainment and flavors as you encounter a portrayal of the Renaissance era!

Celebrate the exotic cultures that influenced the Renaissance in Europe through exploration and trade.  Continuous entertainment takes place at Marty Robbins Park and on the stage; with some jousting, comedy, and theater shows, music, games, people powered rides and who knows maybe you could run into Queen Elizabeth in a jubilee!

Sounds like fun for the ENTIRE family along with castle playscape!  Music filling the air, the beautiful glassware, crafted leather, exotic jewelry, OH and I'm hoping for soup in a bread bowl, apple dumplings, fresh baked goods, and of course, the famous TURKEY LEGS!!!

This 2 day festival will will be on April 21 and 22, from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. with FREE admission to the grounds of Marty Robbins Park.  Costumes and cosplay in encouraged with peace ties being mandatory.  Even though broad swords are legal in the state of Texas, they wouldn't want any accidents!

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