Watch Monika get a vampire facial and see if it’s worth getting one for yourself.

The vampire facial was made popular by Kim Kardashian back in 2013 after she posted a picture of her bloody face. Never did I think that I would go out and try the same treatment but that all changed when I was gifted a vampire facial by a dear friend of mine.

A vampire facial is a treatment that combines microdermabrasion followed by the application of your own plasma that helps your skins turnover. The benefits help improve the texture of your skin especially from acne scarring, smooths fine lines and can even help promote hair growth.

Check out the video above of the whole process of the facial and the final results. In the last couple of weeks since I had the treatment done, my skin not only glows but the texture is much smoother and that’s just after one treatment. While I will need a couple more visits at Essence to complete my treatment - I’m super happy with the results thus far.

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