Check out these five easy ways of securing your home from burglars this holiday season.

Yesterday my neighbors were robbed while they were out on vacation and the violation now has our neighborhood on a high alert watch.

Thank goodness my neighbors were not home when the thieves tore out their window ac unit and crawled into the home undetected. Unfortunately, my neighbors did not have an alarm system, so the vandals were able to get in and take their televisions, a laptop and some other valuables. I should also mention that their little dog was home and the perpetrators even ate in their kitchen and fed the dog too. My neighbors did have their friends come by to feed the dog and make house checks but that still didn’t prevent them from getting robbed.

Overall a burglar is looking for easy access in and out of your home and if you haven’t invested in a security system, you may consider getting one or at least make sure that you follow a few easy steps to try and help prevent a break in.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Make sure you do a full check of all your homes windows and doors while you are out. Our neighbors did have all their windows and doors locked but the window were the ac unit was installed was an easy way in for the burglars.

Hide Your Valuables

If you can see into your home from the windows or glass doors consider thick curtains or blinds to obstruct the view to the inside of your home.

Install Double Key Deadbolts

Get a double key deadbolt for your front and back doors – they are harder to break into than a regular door lock.

Secure Patio & Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors and patio doors are especially vulnerable so make sure you install a locking system for them.

Don’t Advertise You Are Away

You may be tempted to post that you are away on vacation for the holidays but this may just lead to advertising that no one is guarding your home. Resist and post your vacation pictures until you return home.

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